CG adventures

I just got back from Otafest Calgary! It was the best and worst weekend ever, because everything went wrong… but right. Too many events happening at the same time lol. Also I am getting older, I think post con recovery now takes 2 days instead of 1. lol….. idk, maybe im just a sleepy person.

Artist alley was super fun! To be honest I think when it comes to con, you can go to the most hardcore ones, but without the right company… it won’t be fun at all. I spent 90% of my time at Otafest behind the table helping Cindy sell things at artist alley. BUT IT WAS SO FUN. Mainly because of our terrible jokes, such as $2 for 1 button and $3 for 5 (or three four five…. geddit???? 8D) I didn’t go to any panels, they didn’t really interest me. And I got to meet Naguri. SHE IS SO SWEET. I am a big fan.

But the weekend got me doing digital drawings. I figured I needed practice, the last time I did a full scale digital drawing was probably… 2008.


The closest thing I did to digital painting was this little painting exercise for illustration class, where we had to render a word in an illustrative form. I chose “coral”, not sure why, but I think I was probably watching something spongebob related at the time.


As you can see, I did the ‘r’ first because its the most intensely drawn lol.

But after Otafest, I felt like drawing fanart, so here are some progress shots of a Shonen Jump series I used to dedicate my existence to…. D.Gray-Man.

I have no idea what the story is about now, because I got super confused after the Alma Karma arc, and then Hoshino broke her arm or whatever and then her new drawing style added 50 pounds to all the characters. I used to be a huge fan of the D.Gray-Man art style. I remember spending a sick day reading chapter after chapter of the Noah’s Ark Arc…D.Gray-Man will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first cosplay (both solo and group) with my cosplay partner. *nostalgia moment* Albeit now the space in my heart is a little smaller than it used to be.

I considered drawing Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin, but she has been getting too much love recently… I’m a little bit tired of her. MIKASA, take a break.

Picture 4

le sketch!
Picture 6

Adding in skin tones/hair

Picture 9

a detailed face shot… sorta

Picture 11
at 60%!

I know this outfit waaayyyy too well because I researched it like crazy for my first cosplay. Lenalee looks kinda lonely there, maybe I should add Allen in? Allen was the first main character I loved in a long time. I think I could add him in lol.

MAYBE if this is good enough, could be my first artist alley print ever? LOL. *even though I really don’t think there is a D.Gray-Man fanbase any more*

But I’ll post this drawing again once it’s finished!

OK Ning, go draw some flowers or squirrels or whatever small animals you see running outside your window.

The Great Room Cleanup

The other day I had this strange philosophical moment. I had a thought, a cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Haha, I don’t know why all of a sudden this came to my head,  not sure if distracted… or genuinely want to clear out the space, but regardless, I decided to do a major cleanup of my cave.

While I was cleaning my place, I stumbled across a bunch of random things that were quite delightful. I’ve done the bathroom and kitchen, and have progressed to the bedroom… part 1. So far I have found:

  1.  Random piece of hot pressed watercolour paper.
  2.  1 Free cookie coupon from Cookies by George
  3.  Hand sanitizer.


I also came across some old sketchbooks from last year when I was really into buildings and stuff, (I drew a bunch of buildings in the inner Georgetown heritage sites and made friends with cats) and also some drawings I made while I was on vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

DSC_5529 copy

Tanah Lot! It’s a really pretty place. People flock here to be a tourist, watch the sun rise/set. You know, standard tourist things.

DSC_5538 copy

Some lady on Jimbaran Beach, also in Bali.

DSC_5549 copy

Me… drawing limau kasturi and some flowers. I do not recall where the plants came from. Tropical plants right? They just sprout up all over the place.

DSC_5467 copy

A block of pre-war houses on Armenian Street, Penang. It was over here that I made friends with a calico cat.

DSC_5506 copy

Cheah Kongsi inner courtyard. I sat here to hide from the sun… Penang humidity levels are pretty intense.

DSC_5494 copy

Nagore Shrine. I really enjoyed drawing this one. I got to drink ginger milk tea.

DSC_5483 copy

The view of some houses from St George’s Church, also Penang.

DSC_5513 copy

Some ah pek having his lunch in a coffee shop.

After I stopped working, I also did some paintings of a coffee shop on Stewart Lane as well as the infamous Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow auntie.


Stewart Lane! I think the pigeons are the best part of the painting.

I sold this painting at Tesoro. *v* THANK YOU PERSON WHO BOUGHT THIS. Even though I didn’t really get any money out of it , but at least I was able to sell for a good price. All proceeds were donated to our Grad Show fund!


Lorong Selamat!

For those who are new to the Penang street food scene, Char Koay Teow is a kind of fried flat rice noodle dish which is really popular here, Lorong Selamat (literally means… Selamat Lane) is where of the most famous CKT stalls are. The old lady who makes this is quite notorious for… her temper, she has gotten onto Internet flame wars before, lol. but dayuuummm she makes a fine CKT. *v*

I also got chased out of her shop because there were customers from Singapore coming over and I was “taking up space” by sitting there and drawing her. Even though I bought her crazy expensive char koay teow every time I visited.

That’s it for now! I might find more gems as I continue on my room cleaning adventures.

A colour study

So since I am attempting to get back into the painting game… I’ve decided to delve into one of my guilty pleasures…. painting anime-esque things.

After a semester of making furniture and home accessories it’s nice to unwind and watch back to back episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin… which is my newest obsession. (Finished the manga in 1 sitting, OMG THOSE GIANTS. how to not root for the people? You really feel sorry for them, ok… with their 3D maneuver gear.)

So here are some progress pictures.

DSC_5225 copy

I had some leftover paper from one of my old boards. (For small works like this I’m too lazy to stretch paper and stuff, so I buy pre stretched boards lol)

This was a poor piece lonely piece of paper that wasn’t stretched but I didn’t want to waste it, so I use to draw this kind of random things.

DSC_5272 copy


DSC_5310 copy
Multi-coloured hair is coming back in anime, ok. For a while it was all like… brown/blonde tones. Colours you can get in drug store hair dyes.


DSC_5333 copy

DSC_5350 copy

And the finished piece…..

Scan 1

OK ITS LIKE A COLOUR EXPLOSION. I tend to be like… LET’S MAKE THIS THING THIS COLOUR. And then I add a whole bunch of other colours to it because I get bored… and then I think it looks too colourful. -3-

Next time. *nod nod*