A colour study

So since I am attempting to get back into the painting game… I’ve decided to delve into one of my guilty pleasures…. painting anime-esque things.

After a semester of making furniture and home accessories it’s nice to unwind and watch back to back episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin… which is my newest obsession. (Finished the manga in 1 sitting, OMG THOSE GIANTS. how to not root for the people? You really feel sorry for them, ok… with their 3D maneuver gear.)

So here are some progress pictures.

DSC_5225 copy

I had some leftover paper from one of my old boards. (For small works like this I’m too lazy to stretch paper and stuff, so I buy pre stretched boards lol)

This was a poor piece lonely piece of paper that wasn’t stretched but I didn’t want to waste it, so I use to draw this kind of random things.

DSC_5272 copy


DSC_5310 copy
Multi-coloured hair is coming back in anime, ok. For a while it was all like… brown/blonde tones. Colours you can get in drug store hair dyes.


DSC_5333 copy

DSC_5350 copy

And the finished piece…..

Scan 1

OK ITS LIKE A COLOUR EXPLOSION. I tend to be like… LET’S MAKE THIS THING THIS COLOUR. And then I add a whole bunch of other colours to it because I get bored… and then I think it looks too colourful. -3-

Next time. *nod nod*

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