CG adventures

I just got back from Otafest Calgary! It was the best and worst weekend ever, because everything went wrong… but right. Too many events happening at the same time lol. Also I am getting older, I think post con recovery now takes 2 days instead of 1. lol….. idk, maybe im just a sleepy person.

Artist alley was super fun! To be honest I think when it comes to con, you can go to the most hardcore ones, but without the right company… it won’t be fun at all. I spent 90% of my time at Otafest behind the table helping Cindy sell things at artist alley. BUT IT WAS SO FUN. Mainly because of our terrible jokes, such as $2 for 1 button and $3 for 5 (or three four five…. geddit???? 8D) I didn’t go to any panels, they didn’t really interest me. And I got to meet Naguri. SHE IS SO SWEET. I am a big fan.

But the weekend got me doing digital drawings. I figured I needed practice, the last time I did a full scale digital drawing was probably… 2008.


The closest thing I did to digital painting was this little painting exercise for illustration class, where we had to render a word in an illustrative form. I chose “coral”, not sure why, but I think I was probably watching something spongebob related at the time.


As you can see, I did the ‘r’ first because its the most intensely drawn lol.

But after Otafest, I felt like drawing fanart, so here are some progress shots of a Shonen Jump series I used to dedicate my existence to…. D.Gray-Man.

I have no idea what the story is about now, because I got super confused after the Alma Karma arc, and then Hoshino broke her arm or whatever and then her new drawing style added 50 pounds to all the characters. I used to be a huge fan of the D.Gray-Man art style. I remember spending a sick day reading chapter after chapter of the Noah’s Ark Arc…D.Gray-Man will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first cosplay (both solo and group) with my cosplay partner. *nostalgia moment* Albeit now the space in my heart is a little smaller than it used to be.

I considered drawing Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin, but she has been getting too much love recently… I’m a little bit tired of her. MIKASA, take a break.

Picture 4

le sketch!
Picture 6

Adding in skin tones/hair

Picture 9

a detailed face shot… sorta

Picture 11
at 60%!

I know this outfit waaayyyy too well because I researched it like crazy for my first cosplay. Lenalee looks kinda lonely there, maybe I should add Allen in? Allen was the first main character I loved in a long time. I think I could add him in lol.

MAYBE if this is good enough, could be my first artist alley print ever? LOL. *even though I really don’t think there is a D.Gray-Man fanbase any more*

But I’ll post this drawing again once it’s finished!

OK Ning, go draw some flowers or squirrels or whatever small animals you see running outside your window.

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