Ning’s Canadian Firsts

This July has been hectic. I got my first freelance job EVER. Which was quite exciting for me… Earning some extra moolah. Thus the reason why I have seem to have disappeared from this blog lol. And also because I have been denied access to a regular scanner for almost a month now.

BUT FEAR NOT. I AM BACK. With the extra money I have purchased A SCANNER. Now I have a scanner I have greater flexibility in my working times yo.

Summer in Edmonton has been surprisingly rainy. Which is really great for me because I grew up in a country of perpetual summer and prefer cooler weather. I remember there was one day a few weeks back that was so humid and hot… it felt a little weird, and I had this moment where I went… how ever did I withstand this for 17 years.

For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Penang, known across the world as Malaysia’s food capital… and we take our food really seriously. I have many foodie friends who instagram their lunches every day and love writing informal food reviews. #AsiansatWork hahahahahaha

I moved to Canada because of school, and it was really different to what I had experienced back in my hometown.

Prior to my moving here, I had never set foot out of Asia, and the first thing I noticed here was.

THE SKY IS SO BLUE AND SO WIDE. You don’t really get that in Penang. Or KL. Or Singapore. Or Jakarta. Or Bangkok… Basically the entire South East Asia.


My mother took me over the first time I got here, and my aunt picked us up from the airport.

And the land is so flat. I had no idea that land could be this flat. I grew on on a tropical island and so seeing the beach and hills was like second nature.

Also I was kind of disorientated because they drove on the other side of the road. Not to mention jet lagged.

I moved here in the dead of winter, and I stayed at my aunt’s place. I had seen snow before when I was on vacation, so it wasn’t really a huge shocker.


Perhaps my parents’ favourite photo of the first ever winter experience. LOOK AT THE BANK OF SNOW, MAN. Haha… my noob stage.

But then…


The -50 degrees was… beyond what my body could handle at the time.


But now I’m really hero and can walk around in -50 to buy milk like a pro.

I remember the first day of school was super weird because I knew no one besides my cousins at school. And I was jumping into the middle of the school year and everyone already had friends/cliques. I was the weird Asian transfer student whom everyone both noticed and didn’t notice at the same time because my school was quite small.


So I sat alone during lunch… on the first day of school.

The principal, Mr Jenkins, was nice enough to ask me how I was doing.


You know it’s kind of a big deal when the principal knows your name… but then again I was the weird transfer student from a foreign land… like. the 3rd Malaysian to ever go to this school besides my cousins because it was less than 5 years old at the time I believe.

I remember once a friend was like… THE PRINCIPAL KNOWS YOU. You must either be really brilliant or get into a lot of trouble. LOLOLOLOL

I remember  the first girl I talked to. It was the 2nd day of school, her name was Gaby. She was really nice to me as she could see I was clearly confused. I’m not sure if she remembers me.

She looks kinda like this


GABY. THE FIRST PERSON I TALKED TO. You may not remember me but I will remember youuuuuuu.

I’m one of those people who usually remembers the people I talk to. So chances are, if I have spoken to you at least once before, I will probably remember you.

Overall high school was a pretty fun experience. I got to know people who I still keep in touch with.

But college was where the real party started.

But that’s not till next time lololol.

I realized it takes me way less time to create a post like this compared to a full fledged WIP post. Blogging about my life here in Canada is kinda fun… and nostalgic.

I’ll probably be creating more blog posts about my adventures here. I might even do posts of the weird events that happened to me as a teenager.