Prairie Fun Times

Hey y’all, school has been rather busy lately, thus the lack of updates.

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently.


A WIP of the poster for Pains of Youth for Studio Theatre. The play is set in 1920s Vienna, about a bunch of medical students living together in a boarding house. I read the script, and to summarize the whole play in two words: Death and Sex.

Then again, everyone in 1920s Vienna was really into death and sex.

I recently went on a field trip out to the prairies. At first a trip to the flat lands didn’t seem too interesting to an islander. Until I was actually there.


It wasn’t half bad. It felt really nice to walk in grass that went up to my hips, no joke.


And since it was so far out in the country, there was no garbage in the fields anywhere.happy

The field trip was for a way finding project so we got to visit the fields. IT WAS WEIRDLY FUN. I’d actually go back again, idk, everyone else I talked to were like… “meh, I’ve had enough.”

But I’m really digging this prairie scenery. Must be because we don’t get rolling plains on the island.


But it would be SO awesome to go there and look at the stars at night though? Minus the wild animals of course.


We spent maybe half an hour frolicking around before heading back to the main building.Because we were awesome, we decided to climb over the barbed fence like nimble little ninjas.


But when we got back, one of my friends, Yunwen realized that lost her phone!


After lunch, we went back into the fields to look for it. We figured it would be near the fence. I would like to emphasize that we were in grass up to our hips here.


Clearly the gods must love Yunwen because Melody (another friend) actually managed to find Yunwen’s phone IN THE FIELDS. *MAGIC*

I am convinced Melody has eyes that see up to 1000 miles.



And thus the end of my prairie field trip.

I’ve created a facebook page, which I currently update more frequently than this blog. So if you want to follow me on the bookface, please do! I sometimes give out free stuff! 8)

Also I’m going to New York soon! I’m really excited because this is my first time to the US. Not so excited because of the Government Shutdown. US Government, please resolve yourself before I make it there so that I can visit the Statue of Liberty amongst other tourist things. Regardless, this will make for some pretty interesting stories. “The time Ning went to New York during the Shutdown” already sounds like it’s going to be hilarious.

Until then, have some Petra Ral doodles! I cannot help it, she’s my favourite of the Special Ops Squad.


Kingdom Hearts!

E3,  the annual event where the big guns are brought out and cheers of nerds fill LA Convention Centre. I was not planning on streaming it but my friend was watching it so I thought I would join her just because. AND OH BOY was I glad I did.

Because of the announcement of KH3.

The moment we saw DISNEY flash across the screen, we started flipping out. Too many feelings, man. jkagdkasdjf

Basically after the Sony press conference, I was like, OK, Sony wins, everybody go home.

Kingdom Hearts is a part of my childhood. I’ve been a fan for 10 years. And… I believe it’s the only series left from my younger days that hasn’t actually come to a conclusion like Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist. Remember those times when some series you followed for a long time was over and you would go, “My childhood is overrr….” Well. My childhood is still here, because KH3 is here, and KH is fun for all ages!

I admit, I like KH more than I like FF, mainly because I have followed the series since it’s inception. So… I’m not as excited for FFXV as I am for KH3.

I wonder how the new KH theme song is gonna be like since Utada Hikaru isn’t going to be in the picture anymore? Yuna Ito? I wouldn’t mind lol… speaking of her, where is Yuna Ito …

Anyway I drew KH fan art. I have never drawn KH fanart ever before even though I have been so into it for so many years. haha. 8)

I used a old board that still had paper I found at home. It’s pre-stretched so I didn’t need to stretch the paper.

DSC_5906 copy

I was trying a new method of painting skies. Doing it in 2 layers instead of the usual 1 layer that I do.

DSC_5916 copy

At first I wanted to draw them on Destiny Islands, then the little voice in my head was like… THIS NEEDS DURAMATIKU SUKAI.

So goodbye Destiny Islands, maybe next time.

DSC_5934 copy

It usually doesn’t matter which you start with in watercolour painting, but I prefer to paint backgrounds before I do foregrounds.

DSC_5943 copy

Adding the clothes in yo!

DSC_5955 copy

More clothes.


The final product.

We also watched the livestream from the Square Enix booth but there really wasn’t anything interesting/informative. Basically it was an hour or 2 of Nomura saying “sou desu ne” and sniff a lot. Maybe it was raining in LA.

By the way, this is a shout out to my dad. I LOVE YOU, DAD. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. ❤

CG adventures

I just got back from Otafest Calgary! It was the best and worst weekend ever, because everything went wrong… but right. Too many events happening at the same time lol. Also I am getting older, I think post con recovery now takes 2 days instead of 1. lol….. idk, maybe im just a sleepy person.

Artist alley was super fun! To be honest I think when it comes to con, you can go to the most hardcore ones, but without the right company… it won’t be fun at all. I spent 90% of my time at Otafest behind the table helping Cindy sell things at artist alley. BUT IT WAS SO FUN. Mainly because of our terrible jokes, such as $2 for 1 button and $3 for 5 (or three four five…. geddit???? 8D) I didn’t go to any panels, they didn’t really interest me. And I got to meet Naguri. SHE IS SO SWEET. I am a big fan.

But the weekend got me doing digital drawings. I figured I needed practice, the last time I did a full scale digital drawing was probably… 2008.


The closest thing I did to digital painting was this little painting exercise for illustration class, where we had to render a word in an illustrative form. I chose “coral”, not sure why, but I think I was probably watching something spongebob related at the time.


As you can see, I did the ‘r’ first because its the most intensely drawn lol.

But after Otafest, I felt like drawing fanart, so here are some progress shots of a Shonen Jump series I used to dedicate my existence to…. D.Gray-Man.

I have no idea what the story is about now, because I got super confused after the Alma Karma arc, and then Hoshino broke her arm or whatever and then her new drawing style added 50 pounds to all the characters. I used to be a huge fan of the D.Gray-Man art style. I remember spending a sick day reading chapter after chapter of the Noah’s Ark Arc…D.Gray-Man will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first cosplay (both solo and group) with my cosplay partner. *nostalgia moment* Albeit now the space in my heart is a little smaller than it used to be.

I considered drawing Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin, but she has been getting too much love recently… I’m a little bit tired of her. MIKASA, take a break.

Picture 4

le sketch!
Picture 6

Adding in skin tones/hair

Picture 9

a detailed face shot… sorta

Picture 11
at 60%!

I know this outfit waaayyyy too well because I researched it like crazy for my first cosplay. Lenalee looks kinda lonely there, maybe I should add Allen in? Allen was the first main character I loved in a long time. I think I could add him in lol.

MAYBE if this is good enough, could be my first artist alley print ever? LOL. *even though I really don’t think there is a D.Gray-Man fanbase any more*

But I’ll post this drawing again once it’s finished!

OK Ning, go draw some flowers or squirrels or whatever small animals you see running outside your window.