This is Ning. She draws things

Hi. My name is Ning and I like to draw things. I used to blog on and off when I was younger, but my teenage attention span was too short to properly maintain a blog.

Now that I have a few more years under my belt of life, I’m going to try blogging again! This time, about my work, maybe a bit about my life, sometimes even travels and food and other general hoopla.

So, a bit about me before I begin.

I am studying design.
I like to paint and draw.
I am currently residing in Edmonton, AB.

Sometimes I speak in a mix of Hokkien/Malay/Mandarin. I tend to mix these up when I am expressing things. I even add in random languages like Spanish or Japanese just for the lulz. It’a a Malaysian thing, we just jumble up all our words into a language that only we can understand.

Also, sometimes I make typos. My friends joke that if there are no typos, it’s not really me typing haha.

One day I hope to be a renowned illustrator, maybe like… win a prize or something haha, but until then, this is Ning, drawing things. 🙂