Ning Builds Things Too… Sometimes

Some of you may not know that I am actually an industrial designer by training.

I’d think that I am fairly decent at designing furniture haha, I don’t really expect my ID levels to be the same as my painting levels, simply because I’ve been painting for much longer than I have been designing…. industrial things.

BUT HEY, I am the self proclaimed ash champion. Ash was pretty much the only wood I used throughout my furniture designing days at school lol… because I bought 2.5 times the amount I actually needed for my table… and since then I have trying to find ways to incorporate them into my projects or trying to sell off my ash.

But of all the furniture projects I have done, the Sock Coffee Table is my baby. As much I like making furniture… it also give me headaches that leave me wanting to punch stuff. The Sock Table was one of those headaches, but the outcome was fairly decent. Also, Sock was my firstborn table. Prior to this I had only ever worked with plywood and MDF.

Why is it called Sock Table?? Because it’s wearing white socks on it’s feet.

Behold. Progress shots of my table.


Using incredibly high tech template and taping device to carefully determine shape/size the corners to be cut.


Post cutting/sanding process, with template and tape still attached.


Using a hand held router to round off the edges.


Post router work.


Testing to see if everything fit.



Now my table has asymmetrical angle things going on at the feet. And this photo above doesn’t really show them in their true glory. They look like this.

_MG_2277 SMALL


Subliminal messaging. The feet like a backwards N, or J. Both letters form important parts of my name yo.

Here is my table in the gallery space for sense of space.

DSC_4593 copy

LOL, just kidding. Not really sense of scale, you need a person to be in it.

OK, I know this blog is called Ning Draws Things, not Ning Builds Things. So I will leave you with a preview of my next post.



I will update this sometime this week. YES. I WILL. *fingers crossed*